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If the fever appeared due to stress or severe emotional fatigue, the doctor may prescribe luvox drugs that saturate nerve cells (for example, magnesium), massage, psychotherapy. If bridity appeared due to bad habits (for example, smoking), you should completely abandon them so as not to provoke a relapse. Since there are many reasons for the occurrence of brooding, the treatment in each individual case will vary. An individual medical consultation is required. Alternative medicine is often used in the treatment of hazing. Such methods include, for example, musical or magnetic therapy.

It also helps to take herbal preparations: chamomile, sage, calendula, as well as good sleep and rest. Functional bridity is not dangerous for life, but affects its quality. Temporary bridity can appear repeatedly. To avoid it, you need to follow preventive measures and consult a doctor at the first symptoms. In order to prevent functional bredness and preserve taste perception, various measures are taken to cooks throughout the working day.


  • If the fever is due to overwork or frequent stressful situations, the patient is prescribed a course of massage, advised to take a vacation and forget about his job duties for a while.
  • You will also need to pay attention to the fact that the diet of a person suffering from bredness includes vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals, and dairy products.
  • There are preventive measures designed to protect cooks from this disease.


They consist, firstly, in the presence of a certain system for taking samples from ready-made dishes. Secondly, throughout the working day, the cook is obliged to rinse his mouth with special vegetable and herbal decoctions, clean cool water, strong tea with lemon, and so on. Confectioners, for example, seize a sample of their sugar masterpieces with a small amount of whipped proteins, to which ice chips are added. In general, it is possible to fight with bredness, but the main thing is not to rush and hope that soon the disease will recede on its own. If this does not happen, contact a specialist.

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Bronchopneumonia is one of the most common types of inflammatory process in the respiratory tract, which is accompanied by the penetration of harmful bacteria and viruses into the lungs and the defeat of the smallest branches of the bronchial tree. The causative agent, as a rule, can be either a specific influenza virus or a mixed infection: streptococcus, influenza bacillus, pneumococcus. The disease can develop in both an adult and a child. However, children are more susceptible to the onset of the disease.

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The appearance and subsequent development of the disease, as already mentioned, is provoked by pathogenic microorganisms that originate in the bronchi, and then spread to the lungs. In addition, the occurrence of the disease can be triggered by the harmful effects on the body of toxic gases and chemicals. This ailment can be both independent and an accompanying symptom of diseases such as bronchiolitis or bronchitis.

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The state of the immune system also plays a significant role. People with weak immune systems are more at risk of contracting bronchopneumonia. Absolutely everyone can face this disease, as they say, from young to old. But there are groups of luvox pills who are most vulnerable: